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Snake Bites Man's Penis In Taiwan Toilet Attack
Tuesday, May 12, 2009
Man Set House On Fire Killing Spider With Lighter
Monday, April 27, 2009
Michigan Zoo Gives Peek Into Animals' Sex Lives
Wednesday, February 11, 2009
Man Sprays 'Toilet-Papering' Teens With Fox Urine
Friday, December 12, 2008
Zoo Creates Ornaments From Reindeer Droppings
Monday, December 01, 2008
Japan Restaurant Uses Monkeys As Waiters
Friday, November 28, 2008
Rescuers Find Trapped 'Lizard' Is A Tree Branch
Wednesday, October 01, 2008
Feisty 15-Pound Puppy Scares Off Bears In New Jersey Back Yard
Tuesday, August 26, 2008
Monkey Eludes Dragnet At Tokyo Train Station
Wednesday, August 20, 2008
Owners Of Kentucky Derby Champ Can't Explain Lack Of Sex Drive
Friday, May 02, 2008
Macedonian Court Convicts Bear Of Stealing Honey
Monday, March 17, 2008
Rats Eat Away Ethiopian Farmer's Life Savings
Friday, March 14, 2008
Parrot Could Be Fined For 'Illegal Parking' In Greece
Thursday, December 13, 2007
Woman Claims Pet-Sitter Made Her Pig Fat
Wednesday, October 31, 2007
Parrot Imitates Fire Alarm, Saves Family
Tuesday, October 23, 2007
Talkative Parrot Leads To Death Of Burglar
Wednesday, October 17, 2007
Golden Retriever Nurses Stray Kitten
Tuesday, October 09, 2007
Orangutan At Dutch Zoo Prefers Tattooed Blondes
Monday, October 08, 2007
Two-Headed Turtle Goes On Display In Pennsylvania
Friday, September 28, 2007
Japanese Scientists Create Transparent Frogs
Wednesday, September 26, 2007
Family Parrot Teaches Autistic Boy To Speak
Friday, September 21, 2007
Man Gets Bitten After Putting Snake in Mouth
Thursday, September 20, 2007
Jack Hanna And Flamingo Get Stuck In Airport Turnstile
Tuesday, September 18, 2007
Jumbo The Elephant Gets The Circus Girl And Elopes
Thursday, August 30, 2007
Chocoholic Squirrel Loves 'Kinder' From Finland Store
Friday, August 24, 2007
Sex-Crazy Koala Bear In Demand After Experiment
Thursday, August 23, 2007
Seven-Legged Lamb Born In New Zealand
Friday, August 03, 2007
Chocoholic Squirrel Loves 'Kinder' From Finland Store
Thursday, August 02, 2007
Oscar The Cat Predicting Patients' Deaths
Thursday, July 26, 2007
Tiny Chihuahua Dog Saves Baby From Rattlesnake
Monday, July 23, 2007
Family Searches Feces Of Cash-Eating Dog
Friday, July 20, 2007
Iranian Police Proudly Report Captured Squirrel 'Spies'
Friday, July 13, 2007
Chinese City Suburb Pays Residents For Dead Flies
Wednesday, July 11, 2007
Cross Between Horse And Zebra Draws Crowds In Germany
Thursday, July 05, 2007
Resident Told He Can't Let Snakes 'Exercise' In Town Park
Friday, June 29, 2007
Squirrels Blamed For Stealing U.S. Flags
Wednesday, June 06, 2007
11-Year-Old Boy Bags Nine Feet 'Monster Pig'
Monday, May 28, 2007
Man Caught Trying To Smuggle Snakes On A Plane
Friday, May 25, 2007
Update: Sudanese Man Forced To Marry Goat
Monday, May 07, 2007
Love At First Flight For Swan And Paddle Boat
Wednesday, April 18, 2007

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